Car, Van & Motorbike Batteries in Wrexham

Your vehicle battery supplies electrical energy to your vehicle; to power the Starter Motor, the Lights, and the Ignition System of your vehicle. The battery is the only source of Starting Power in your vehicle. Like any battery, a Car Battery can eventually fail. A recent Breakdown Survey found that a faulty or indeed failing battery is the main reason for Breakdown Recovery calls in North Wales. To help reduce the chance of imminent battery failure, we recommend that you pop in at Wrexham Tyres for a Free Battery Check.

Vehicle Battery Prices

New Car Battery from £24.95

New Bike Battery from £14.95

New Van Batteries from £24.95

How to avoid a Flat Battery

  1. Fit the Correct Battery for your Vehicle.
  2. Garage your Car, or Park in the shade wherever Possible.
  3. Turn off all electrical items before shutting off the Engine.
  4. Buy a Car Battery Charger, for extra peace of mind.
  5. Exercise your car on at least a weekly basis, to keep the battery, engine & brakes running smoothly.

Causes of a Flat Battery

  1. Accidentally leaving lights, radio, or other devices on,
  2. Not using your car for several days, or weeks,
  3. Defective charging system,
  4. Very hot or very cold weather. A flat battery freezes easier than a charged battery.
  5. Wrong battery fitted, Old age,
  6. Too many short journeys,
  7. Corrosion. Poor maintenance.
  8. Loose cables or brackets.

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