Air Conditioning, Servicing, Re-Gassing and Repair in Wrexham

Our Fully Automatic Air-Con Service is priced starting at £59.95

Fully automatic servicing of the air conditioning system:

Step 1: Vehicle identification via database

Step 2: The refrigerant is evacuated out of the vehicle air conditioning system

Step 3: A deep vacuum of the system is performed with the automatic leak check

Step 4: Filling of the system with refrigerant, oil and UV contrast agent: Service documentation by means of printout

Bad Smells?

If you or your passengers experience a bad smell or unpleasant odour when your air conditioning is switched on, this is normally a symptom of bacteria within the ventilation system.

For an extra £15.00, we will carry out a thorough deep-clean of the ventilation system. This will kill off any harmful bacteria, remove any dirt or debris from the system, and leave your air-con smelling fresh once more.

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