Wrexham Tyres - Garage in Wrexham - Facilities

At Wrexham Tyres, we take pride in everything we do for you and your vehicle. For that reason we offer many of our services on a While-You-Wait basis.

Comfortable Waiting Rooms

Modern Customer Waiting Lounge with Free WiFi, TV, and Drinks Facilities

Twin MOT Bays

Two MOT Bays are available, covering Class 4, and Class 7 MOTs.

Class IV (Cars and Motorhomes) Class VII (Goods Vehicles over up to 3,500KG)

5 Fast-Fit Tyre Bays

Tyres are fitted & balanced while you wait. 5 Bays Available – No Queuing.

4 Wheel Laser SuperTracker

With our 4-Wheel Laser Alignment system, your vehicle will benefit from better tyre life and improved handling.

Diagnostic & Fault Finding Centre

Our advanced diagnostic equipment includes technology from Autel, Bosch, Foxwell, Launch, Pico, Snap-On, and TEXA.

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